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I'm astounded that I finally managed to make a post without pestering M. Williams. Sorry if this is late. I'm not sure which day was mine, but I was informed that it was recent. I'm still trying to figure out how to work the Google calendar so I can stay on top of my game.
I have this beat I'm working on that I'm really excited about so far, but... it's not ready yet. So instead I present this. I recorded this earlier in the fall.
Fast Eddy features on the mandolin.
I ran the main vocals through a tube guitar amp while simultaneously recording a signal directly into my computer (well, into my audio interface) if that makes any sense. It took three microphones. It was a fun experiment, and I'm semi-pleased with the results. It's an idea that I plan to further explore.
What else? I had to record the vocals with my dad, uncle and friend Travis Lacina in the house. So, thanks to all of them. It greatly helped craft this song to be what it is,whatever that may be.
If you have any questions about the nitty gritty dirty details I will be happy to get into it with you.
Thanks for listening,

9 Responses to “Believe it or not! (Cher isn't at home...)”

  1. ill million (lee)

    That was amazing. I love the harmonies - they were mixed very nicely, and came out really thick and buttery. I listened to it while nursing the end of a good beer, and it really was a great experience. The bridge might be my favorite part. I also like that HG has two breakup songs in a row. Sweet.

  2. Graham

    I'm a big fan of all of the Jerko covers. Sweet, sleepy, southern rock playing on a radio. Nicely done.

  3. Jerko

    Hey thanks! I'm really happy that you all appreciate it. What research?

  4. Graham

    that looks like a spam comment, someone should delete it

  5. Mike

    Deleted. I'm glad the comment spam bots were pleased with your song.

  6. Kelly Vines

    This is beautiful. Really beautiful. So much better than the original.

  7. Erik Peterson

    This is really great. The pacing is perfect. I like the way the vocals were mixed as well.

  8. Kelly Vines

    How do I download this? The link to the left of the player isn't working.

  9. Mike

    I fixed the download link.

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