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Yes Gem.

January 14th 2009 by

When I got home last night and I went to upload my gem, I discovered that the internet is down at my house.

Sorry I'm a day late but  it's fixed now. Here is some track I composed and we recorded for the Latest Men of Science Album. This is the part where Eugene has led his followers out into the desert to find the emerald city and finally his followers begin to doubt that his vision is true. This track is his response.


The drums are the most unusual thing on this trackd. It starts with one of the default FruityLoops midi-sounding patches with the Pluggo Fragulator filter put on it. I don't know what exactly the filter does but it makes the drums sound like a continuous glitchy, throbbing rumble sound. I put on the Fruity Blood Overdrive, which is just a hard digital clip that gave it a grating,staticy sound. I mixed some of the dry drums in to preserve the beat.

There's also bass guitar with huge fuzz, and the standard electric guitar and piano and vocals. Tell me if you have any ideas for improving the mix.

3 Responses to “Yes Gem.”

  1. erf

    You might take an EQ notch out of the bass where your vocals are sitting, that fuzz bass can really eat up the spectrum. Otherwise, I just listened to this like three times in a row. FREAK OUT

  2. Graham

    (Mike) We probably need a captcha or recaptcha thing to deal with the spam.

  3. gojirra


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