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How A Volcano Works

January 25th 2009 by



Hello. I was no where near finishing the song I planned on posting, so I locked myself in my room today and came up with this. I find it ironic that I am more satisfied with something I made in 1 day than with the other songs I have posted which seemed to have taken much longer. I think it is a sign that I am getting better at this. Hella Gems sucess story: thank you Hella Gems! I made this song entirely in Ableton. I used a couple free VSTs for the interlude: syntendo and toad.

6 Responses to “How A Volcano Works”

  1. Greg H

    sign me up for your cult!

  2. ravelite

    nice. The delay tuned to a dotted quarter note is classic. your style reminds me a lot of kelly g's electronic music (Crappy Techno, vol 1 and 2).

  3. erf

    You should compose music for educational flash videos. It would make them infinitely more entertaining. I am surprised how satisfied I can be with something I've rushed into production due to this site. I think it is because this process demands that the internal critic be silenced, because we simply don't have time to listen to him/her.

  4. I Will Not Tell You My Name

    Is magma the same thing as lava?

  5. I Will Not Tell You My Name

    Can I edit the volcano picture?

  6. gojirra

    I do not believe lava is the same thing as magma my good sir. I didn't make the picture, I stole it from google images.

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