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I got the blues.

January 26th 2009 by

I've been feeling sick lately, which puts me in the mood for acoustic blues. Hence: hardtime. This is somewhat of a cover of Hard Time Killing Floor Blues by Skip James who wrote it in the early 30s when he moved from Mississippi to Chicago and discovered there weren't any jobs there either, or something like that.

The only reason squares like me have heard of this guy is because the Chris Thomas King cover of this same song was featured in the O Brother, Where Art Thou? sound track.

Mine is not the most accurate cover, but here it is anyway. Just me, mexican guitar, and a mic. One track.

4 Responses to “I got the blues.”

  1. ravelite

    ethereal... hope you get well soon.

  2. Stuart

    It's cool that people of our generation still play the blues. Of course, given Kelly's background and repertoire, I think it comes naturally to him.

  3. Alex Rudnick

    Oh mans. Kelly, this is fantastic. This is hard like Mashed Potatoes Johnson.

  4. erf

    I love this. We gotta work on some stuff soon.

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