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lonely, robotic

January 29th 2009 by

This is something I had started a while but never finished.  I recently started working on it again, messing with a lot of effects and giving it more of a progression.  The drums are sampled from an "I Love You" recording session; they were recorded in a large living room with a four-track.  I beefed them up with an extra kick and clap.  The vocal clip is me.  The rest is synths, pretty much.  I used Reason v4, and this song gave me a good opportunity to play around with some of the programs many effects and devices and learn how to use them.  I automated a lot of nobs, and chained a lot of devices with the Combinator.  I played with the vocoder, and learned that you can do cool stuff by running non-verbal vocals into it.  I hope you enjoy.


This is what the song made me think of: A lonely, dusty robot hears a signal from earth.  A human!  It replies, trying to imitate the sound.

That's just me, though - draw your own conclusions.



This was someone's high school project.


robot-green-asteroidThis one's cuter.  Too cute, maybe.

2 Responses to “lonely, robotic”

  1. Felix

    Wow I really like the groove of it. The non verbal melody is very nice as well with the way they crossfade in and out kind of, especially at 0:29. The melody you are humming kind of reminds of something but I cant remember what... which is cool. I also like robots a lot by the way (my tentative album title has always been "Robot Sunset"). Theres something funny to me about relating modern music to robot "emotions." I thought about why and I think it has to do with the fact that people connect to that life-like numbness robots seem to have. So maybe it makes us connect to that melancholy part of ourselves or something. I dont know. But this was cool.

  2. erf

    Man, this has such a good flow. All of the elements are manipulated beautifully. I'm going to use a vocoder on my next Hella Gem, I MUST

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