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dcp song

February 3rd 2009 by


this was an old midi song that I did for a game that my friend made about 4 yrs or so ago (Dynamite Car Plane) the original was all very low fi 8 bit sounding and used square lead for all the instruments and some noise sounds for the drums, for this remix I changed up all the instruments and changed the drums a bit and mixed it more progressively, I also changed one of the basslines around and added it as another track. I really like the new version and I want to refine it more and do some lyrics for it, (that may come next post) , but I do think it's a bit long  and in need of something more, I hope to fix those things in my next visit to it. Anyway hope you enjoy, and I'm open to ideas so let me know if you have any, thanks.

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  1. erf

    As I was listening I would think "now would be a good place for the bass to drop back" and then it would, etc. You pretty much made most of the arrangement decisions I would have made. My only problem with chiptune kinds of music is that it doesn't have enough OOOMPH, maybe layer a kick with some more punch in there so the rhythm can be "felt" a bit more. That's the only thing that leaps at me. The main melody is pretty catchy, but it does seem to go on a bit too long. Maybe more rhythmic variation, maybe for a breakdown hold on one root tone (rather than change chords) for a while and let the other instruments meander for a bit. I have a very specific idea in mind but I am having a hard time articulating it. Ah well, practice makes perfect. And oh $@# I have to get a Hella Gem done tomorrow :-o

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