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I tried to get this done last week, but I ran out of time, then got sick. I've gotten well enough to spend some time to finish the track before eating a bite and going back to bed.

This is a note for note cover of two songs from a video game.  If you're the first person to guess the video game, I'll buy you a frosty beverage of your choosing and moreover win my gratitude that I'm not the only person who's played that particular game. The segues between parts is my invention, as I'm taking two songs with different feels and basically lumping them together. The point of this exersize was to use a bunch of the gear that I've accumulated recently and work on my guitar lead work, which isn't terribly good and it's pretty obvious when I cheat like heck. How I cheat is left as an exersize for the listener.

Also, my last track was a little weak due to lack of mastering. I'm working on fixing that now.


PS: four days since the last hellagem? snap snap people. (says the guy who's a week late)

5 Responses to “BONUS (But super late) - LZQ - 2009-02-20”

  1. Mike

    Animal Crossing? More wailing than a banshee after a break up.

  2. LZQ

    LOL. not animal crossing. Since no one else cares to have me buy them a tasty brew or a decadent milkshake, I'll make note that there's a hint in the downloadable mp3 tag.

  3. gojirra

    This is absolutely amazing. I want to say one song is battle toads and double dragon, and I don't know, T&C Surf Design?

  4. LZQ

    Thanks for playing Gojirra, but not even terribly close (though at least a Genesis version came out of BT&DD). And both tracks are from the same game, though they're kinda middle album cuts (not opening/first stage/ending music), which kinda requires someone to have played through the game to know. Essentially, I created a track that, if someone recognizes it without trying too hard, then I kinda know we're into the same sort of games. But here's much bigger hint: the game came out for the Wii Virtual Console this year. At some point I'm going to post a Left Side Original/Right Side Arrangment to the comments so everyone understands how, um, literal this arrangement is. It's actually pretty well beat matched/pitch matched to the original, part for part. The only differences are the quality of the sounds, the fleshed out drum part, the transitional sections and ending, and some panning choices. Essentially, this is just me trying to imagine (and then produce) part of an arrange album to a game that never had one but deserved it. Mayhaps I'll produce my own little arrange EP of the game (It wouldn't be more than 5 tracks), but outside of Hellagems. Edit: Here's the side by side track - the left side is the arrangment and the right side is the original. it's borderline hilarious to hear them like this 2009-02-08_Old_Vs_new Final Edit: To heck with the frosty beverage. So the answer: the music is from the Genesis game M.U.S.H.A (Japanese Name: Musha Aleste - Full Metal Fighter Ellinor). It's two different level musics spliced together (The first track is labeled "...for the love of..." in the sound test, the second track is "Armed Armor". I don't think either are boss music). Great game, if you're into little spaceship shooters (shmups). It and Thunder Force 4 are the kings of that genre on the Genesis. Really, making an album of covers from those two games (about 4-5 songs apiece) would be a gas.

  5. gojirra

    hmm, my next guess was ninja gaiden, at least I had the asian part right.

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