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"I'm in Luv (Wit a Stripper)" by T-Pain vs. "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John

tiny stripper

I had the idea for this mashup a while ago, and at that point the idea was mostly conceptual (stripper/dancer).  It wasn't until I first overlayed the two songs that I realized how perfectly they fit together.  They have essentially the same chord progression, or at least very similar ones; the tempos are within a few beats per minute of each other; and the keys are only two half steps apart.  Altogether, it was an amazing coincidence and a very exciting find.  

The actual crafting of the thing was a little bumpier.  I started out on Ableton, but the warp feature was introducing wierd digital noise (giving Elton a kind of underwater-in-space sound), so I switched to Acid, then switched back because I thought I could fix Ableton, then finally gave up and returned to Acid.  "Tiny Dancer" was evidently not recorded to a metronome, and much of it is just EJ on piano and vocals, so the timing is altogether pretty mushy.  It took a lot of brute-force, cut-and-paste quantizing to make it all happen.

By the way, my original idea was to do a mashup of "You Don't Know Me" by Ben Folds with "U Don't Know Me" by T.I.  It turns out that this idea was as obvious to other people as it was to me - I thought to check online to see if it exists, and it does (it's by team9).  I decided I couldn't have done anything particularly different or better, so I moved on.  I hope you all enjoy what I came up with.



T-Pain and Elton John are both hit machines and they both have a love for ridiculous eyewear.

8 Responses to “I'm in Luv (Wit a Tiny Dancer)”

  1. Felix

    InCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing and surprisingly emotional too! On repeat!! This is honestly the best mashup I have ever heard in my life! This should be on the radio or something! People would get all sentimental...

  2. erf

    I agree with Felix. This goes way beyond being clever into making T-Pain's lyric more wistful and emotional. Having tried to use songs that do not have straight tempos in a few mash-up experiments (when I get one done I like I'll make it one of my hellagems), I know getting Tiny Dancer to work with this had to be a lot of gruntwork. It was definitely worth it, though.

  3. Graham

    whoa. fantastic.

  4. threv

    hold me closer, tony danza

  5. Alex Rudnick

    Brilliant :) +1 to what Rob said; this is pushing into the realm of "endearing".

  6. Pynk

    Wow. This is really awesome.

  7. gojirra

    I have been listening to this prob every day since you posted it. I am kind of pissed that you made such a catchy jam that I can't get out of my head. Awesome work!

  8. JAH


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