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toad in the black hole

February 16th 2009 by

This sketch is an attempt to combine ChucKian melodic improvisation with external synthesizers. This time I used toad from the tweakbench plugins along with random presets from Crystal VST with AudioMulch as a host. Also using the LoopBe1 internal midi device to reflect generated midi to the midi input.

Anyway, there are lots of flaws. The Crystal presets are wonderfully ambient, but combining fast melody with slow attack leads to inaudible confusion. Also determined it is easy to overload the system in terms of MIDI messages, to be determined whether ChucK,  LoopBe1, my aging thoughtpad running VSTs, or something else is to blame.



3 Responses to “toad in the black hole”

  1. Kelly G

    That's spacier than Super Mario Galaxy!

  2. erf

    This one feels like I'm being pulled into the game grid of my childhood NES. It's amazing how these sounds can evoke memories from having played the games these sounds are from so many times. It's ambient yet it has enough to keep me engaged... there is an emotional trajectory here. It would be a lot of fun to do live visuals to this. Good stuff. I also like the picture of Toad, happily skipping to his doom. Also, CRAP I have to do a Gem in 2 days... how does this sneak up on me every time...

  3. gojirra

    Toad is the best thing ever.

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