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This is my first attempt at making a dirty south style rap beat. So far, I've found that the keys to making a good pitched snare roll, are to pick the right drum sound, and to transpose the drums by the proper interval. I think a splashy, hissy, fairly broadband snare sound works well. Of course, you could also use a tom or a combination of drum sounds. The transposition I used for these drums was 3 semi-tones between each sound. I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect synth bass. The bass is a combination of two synths, one for a punchy attack sound, and the other for the thick sustain.

I was planning on rapping over this, but I need some more time, since I have never rapped in my life. For Part 2, I will improve this song by possibly sampling some "hey's" and "ohhhhs" from some real a capella tracks. I tried to fake it on this track by saying "hey" with a different voice, and pitch shifting, and panning different takes to create a thicker sound. I think part of the key is to have recordings of people who have a different timbre to their voice, since you can definitely hear that the "heys" are all me. Once I write the rap I will also improve the song structure, and mix it better.

For now, please enjoy the first part of this experiment and stay tuned for the updated version in part 2.

Dirty South Beat

8 Responses to “The Dirty South Experiment Part 1”

  1. gojirra

    You've created quite the 10/10 trample beat here Mike. This shit owns. I think you are right about the hey's sounding a bit off with just one voice.

  2. Felix

    Lol I'm interested. I'm curious what youre gonna do with it next. The snares and hi-hats are well crafted. Question: what component did you use to pitch them in Live cuz I could guess a couple ways to do it but I'm wondering how you did it here. Reactions: it comes off on the old school midi sounding side. I dont know if thats what you intended but it feels more like synthetic midi organ tones as opposed to the opposite which would be more sharp and trumpety and steely. You will probably make it more crisp and rich when you mix it. Also maybe the snares could be EQed to be in a less frontal and conspicuous place on the spectrum because to me they attracted a lot of attention. Very dominating especially when they come in. They are so much sharper then the bass and piano tones. The heys: you said they sound like its you just faking it but maybe you can still make it sound right by further experimenting with the panning and layering to make them fuller with even more of yous, and less spread on the panning until you get a different blended crowd feel. Also I can "feel" that you are not really feeling the "heys." It sounds like you are obviously not at a party going wild and saying hey, you are in the room looking down and maybe almost reading it off the paper. Not that you really would need to be reading but you can just tell that you arent acting it out fully. I also really like the overall structure of everything. Are you gonna rap DOOM style? I'm excited to see what you do.

  3. Mike

    I used Impulse to do the snare roll. I had the same drum sample in a few different slots and then transposed each slot differently. I agree that the organ could be a lot richer. It's basically a pure sine wave, so it's hard to pretend that it was recorded from a real organ. I didn't do very much drum mixing at all. I think that the kick should be louder, and the snare should be quieter. I might try and craft some "hey's" as a side experiment. I think in addition to learning to act better, I could also add some more reverb, and layer a lot more of them. I did them all very close to the mic as well, so I should also try and vary that and get some real reverberations. I don't know what style I'm going to rap in. We'll have to see what happens.

  4. Jerko

    Good call on the "Eyy"s! Also, very accurate with the pitched snare rolls excellent call. Initially I wanted to say "more hihat rolls, but then they kicked in at just the right time. Awesome!

  5. Graham

    Haha, the Eyys really make the beat. Unexpected and fun.

  6. Mike

    @Graham: Sadly I've changed the Eyys in the newest version. On the good side, I've written a chorus, and one rap verse.

  7. ThisIsNotSasha

    I swear. I waited a straight minute for part 2, and NOTHING. *sigh*... guess i'll check back again next week...

  8. Mike

    It's almost done. I got busy this week.

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