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Epic Rap in Space

March 12th 2009 by

action rap

We've been talking about doing more collaboration on Hella Gems, so I decided to proceed unilaterally. There was part of Kelly G's "Another for the Video Game" song (aka "action") that I immediately thought could become a cool epic Dirty South rap beat if I slowed it down and added stuff.  So I did, and this is it.  

This is the first song I've used Ableton for, and I spent a lot of time experimenting with effects.  I did some sidechain compression for the sample and used a sidechained gate to create the booming bass on the kick.  I also played around a lot with midi effects, which is how I created the high sine synths.  I actually didn't play anything for those - I put in one continuing note which I ran through a chord making effect, then ran that through an arpeggiator, which I tweaked during the song using an automation track.  I also used the resonator effect on the sample, which is most prominent at the end.  I hope you all enjoy.  Shout out to Kelly.

Note: This song relies heavily on low boomy bass to define the chord progression. It probably will not sound good on laptop speakers. Ideally, you should play it while cruising in car with a sick system. Like this space scraper:


6 Responses to “Epic Rap in Space”

  1. Felix

    Daaaaammnnnnn that scraper is HELLLLLAAAA tight! This is definately a case of where a photo makes a song even better. The whole time listening I was imaganing cruising in space in the scraper after seeing that. Just hitting fat ass donuts...

  2. Alex Rudnick

    Epic indeed! That was really great, even on laptop speakers! I danced in my chair, at the kitchen table. I... hitting... fat-ass donuts? What?

  3. Felix

    Exactly. With Steve Harvey!

  4. Felix

    I mean Cedric the Entertainer...

  5. Kelly G

    Very Nice. I like it.

  6. gojirra

    Yet another absolutely stellar post from you illy. No pun intended.

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