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space ballad (first draft)

March 15th 2009 by


This is the first draft for a space balladishy sounding song, I haven't decided on lyrics yet for it, my intention is to add lyrics and clean it up, spice it up and sweeten it up. I had a lot of technical problems trying to record it so I may end up going in a different direction next time I go to work on it, but here's what I made.  To record this I used cubase, my not so music friendly Del laptop, a pod line 6 fx thingy, my old casio PT-30 (for drum and bass) and a casio MT-240 (for lead, I put this through the pod).

6 Responses to “space ballad (first draft)”

  1. Billings

    I love the main melody line in there. Also: The 8 bit snare-y thing The arpeggio bell thing And in a lot of ways this reminds me of some quality video game music

  2. gojirra

    I can't begin to explain how good this is. I love the fat synth before the bell part. How did you make that sound? The melodies are so good, the instrumentation is perfect. You get a perfect topaz: http://www.battle.net/images/battle/diablo2exp/images/gems/perfecttopaz.gif

  3. Rosie

    The fat synth you speak of is the piano on the MT-240 through some crazy distortion on the pod digital amp and fx modeler. I used it for the main melody and the muddy bass notes. The 8 bit sounding drums and ballad bass line arpegiator are from the PT-30 ballad rhythm and chords.

  4. Rosie

    Oh and the bells are the vibraphone on the MT-240

  5. Jerko

    This is so excellently incredible! I really would love to do a rap remix of this sometime.

  6. Kelly G

    Actually, I think it sounds kind of doo-wop-ish. I think it would be cool with some Shangri-Las style vocals.

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