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Princess Latency

March 16th 2009 by

Variations on the previous theme, in which the Princess discovers mutually recursive magic mirrors. Another invoking the Holy Trinity/Triforce of (toad, princess, triforce). We leave the rest of the tale up to your imaginations.

Besides that I am behind on all musical projects. I did participate in a livecoding workshop at Resonance Ghent, but have yet to digitize and edit our sound jams. I have been working with Matlab and Weka a lot, and this is what a weka sounds like.



2 Responses to “Princess Latency”

  1. Kelly G

    About 2-and-a-half minutes in, it really starts to get magical. I like the halting rhythm and the layers.

  2. ThisIsNotSasha

    I agree with Kelly G on the notice point. Although, the point 2 minutes in is so good that I'm confident in saying everything previous (sans about a necessary 15 seconds before it) isn't needed. I thought you had a lot more going on in that first elaboration from original material in the first 30 seconds from then than everything else that followed. That is harsh, but... I liked what you did enough to listen the rest through, so I guess I am opinionated because of it? It's my elitist-opinion, and I approve this msg. :)

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