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Dancey Track First Draft

March 20th 2009 by


This is a song that I haven't finished yet. Right now it is a bit repetative to me, when I started this my goal was to make a song with several different unique and interesting parts. Right now it has a few different sections but it mainly repeats 1 theme. I'm not quite sure about the instrumentation, I might change some of the sounds in a later version. I ran into the obstacle erf described in his last post: I found myself constantly tweaking minor details before the song was even finished. I have learned to compose an entire song and then worry about instrumentation and variation. Let me know if you have any ideas to make this better.

4 Responses to “Dancey Track First Draft”

  1. Felix

    This is a really cool track.

  2. Kelly G

    I love the slidey part. It's really alive.

  3. ill million (lee)

    this song is totally sweet. really fun to listen to.

  4. Craigmire

    dude, this is for sure my fav so far. hella dope. doesn't sound repetitive at all. good job jason. i could prob add some sick ambiance effects to this with my keys...in fact im doin it now..

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