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March 28th 2009 by

This week I finally got my bedroom recording rig in serviceable condition (much thanks to the help of lazy q), so I hope to be presenting a lot more material here in the near future. Right now, though, all I've got is... well...

Recently I picked up a swell amp. I've been playing around with it. It has a tube vibrato that I am keen on, it brought me to this chill little 3-4 chord progression. Then when I turned the amp up and played my new guitar in it, it made a chunky plunky sound when I muted the low strings and played a bass-like thing. Then I brought back the vibrato and stuck a small melodic line on top. Please excuse the hum - I still need to figure out some way to address that. It's from the guitar.

This piece is untitled for the moment.


4 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. LZQ

    I actually like the track quite a bit - of course moody harmonic experiments are pretty fascinating to me. But what to do about that noise? it's kinda brutal for a non-thick mix, especially going into the tremelo. I'm guessing you're working on the shielding and I'll see if I can lend a hand on filtering at some point. Still, good idea.

  2. billjings

    Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be able to get by without shielding that guitar. I am going to go with a different strategy than "copper tape everywhere" - I saw an article that suggested a combination of copper tape and conductive paint, which sounds just as effective to me, not to mention a lot easier to pull off. You might be interested to know the setup. The "bass" and melody line are both neck pickup, the chords are neck and bridge, and I think the distortion was just bridge, although it was heavily eq'd. I didn't have a mic clip yet, so I just put it on the ground about a foot away from the amp. Plugged the guitar straight into the amp, just varied the intensity of the vibrato and the gain. I'm pretty happy with the results. Also: probably going to swap out that bridge pickup. It's microphonic. :/ Dunno if that's because of the tele bridge, or what, but my treble booster can't be used with that guitar on that amp because of it.

  3. Graham

    dude, nice tremelo. on the whole reminds me of ylt

  4. Kelly G

    Really nice sound. I love how it's so mellow and warm but also has a touch of pensiveness, like satisfaction tainted with uncertainty. reminds of Dave Gilmour too.

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