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Back when I first got Fruity Loops, I made two whole CDs of little concept peices. I called them Crappy Techno 1 and 2. As I went, I was learning to use the various features of the software, but after awhile, I guess I was finally "done" with these. I haven't made much in the same vein since then.

Anyway, here is my attempt to return to the spirit of those early days with a peice that's nothing but the standard fl drum kit and 3xOsc synth. It sounds kind-of Jungly. Unfortunatly this piece wouldn't have been long or substantial enough to make it into one of those former CDs.


3 Responses to “Just like the good ol days”

  1. Graham

    Nice.! Like the good old days.

  2. billjings

    Like an alien jungle in a 16-bit shooter!

  3. gojirra

    Wow I really like this. I imagine this being in a Beverly Hills Cop sega game where Axel Foley is in the jungle for some reason.

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