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Bread and Butter

April 6th 2009 by


This song is a reaction to being a waiter and how bad people want bread and butter.

This is a bonus beat because I missed my last turn.

8 Responses to “Bread and Butter”

  1. Felix

    I thought the bread and butter song was amazing. I used to work at Olive Garden so I can relate.

  2. Graham

    Bread and Butter is a tour of force. with the group chorus effect it is unstoppable

  3. Mike

    Favorite: "doododleedolooo"

  4. Kelly G

    I love it. I listened to it 8 times already. My brother said he was baking bread so I sent him the link.

  5. gojirra

    this may be the single greatest thing posted to hellagems.

  6. gojirra

    also please post the direct link to the songs so we can download them.

  7. ill million

    I'd better be careful not to fill up on this song before my dinner.


    It took me a while but now there is a direct link. Thanks all.

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