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A "Heartless" Review

April 13th 2009 by




I generally like Kanye West's music. I think he has done some really great songs. His production is often both catchy and interesting, and his raps can be very clever and enjoyable. That said, when I listened to his most recent album, "808s and Heartbreak," I was highly disappointed. I had been wanting for a while to record a dis track, because it sounded fun. My opinions are expressed in this song, which features me rapping over a beat I made out of samples from Kanye's hit "Heartless." I am not a rapper, but it was fun to dabble. Writing a good rap verse was actually harder than I thought it would be. The track is not really a full song - it only has one verse - but I was going for a sort of mixtape-style track anyway, so I think it works.


5 Responses to “A "Heartless" Review”

  1. Em

    Awesome. The references to Mr. West made me think of this (please listen at least until 1:30): http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14379638

  2. Mike

    I'm so into this. Big ups for Dracula cannon reference! If we're lucky Kanye West will start beefing with us. It would be a quick road to fame.

  3. Kelly G

    Mr. West vs. Mr. Gems.

  4. gojirra

    Haha didn't hear you say cannon full of Draculas at first.

  5. Felix

    My favorite was the apology disclaimer at the beginning of the song and the explanation of how you like most of his music in the writing. Lol, its like the most polite diss record I've heard. I like the moment where you robotize the end where you say robotic-ass amateur. Its just satisfying.

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