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I have a few things coming together all at once, unfortunately none of them are in a really finished state, so I cobbled this together from something I threw together in Live 8 a few days ago. I was consciously trying to come up with an interesting bass sound* and a ridiculous sounding drum part**. The strings part sounds like a cousin to the Terminator theme. I patched the inner tube on my back bike tire today, hence the tubular (har har har!) name. It's a little repetitive, but it is better than nothing! :-p

* I used an instrument rack, layering three sounds... a sub bass, a more punch Juno-esque bass and a fuzzy, dirty bass.
** Those synth toms that come in halfway through leave me pretty chuffed.

Here's the live set (1.4MB, smaller than the mp3!) if anyone is interested (you'll need Live 8 Suite, and also the Pro-53 synth from NI if you want all the sounds).

3 Responses to “(The Internet is) A Series of Tubes”

  1. LZQ

    The piece seemed flat until the ending for me. I like it when density drops, revealing the detail in other parts, which this does twice, so I think that's pretty cool.

  2. gojirra

    I have been listening to this non-stop since you posted it. Great work.

  3. Graham

    Agreed, this one has the smelly jelly.

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