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VA3 sings!

April 14th 2009 by

Ok, sorry for the late post!

This is the first successful test of ChucK -> MIDI -> my new keyboard, a Roland VA-3 that I bought from a coworker.

Everything seems to work rather smoothly. This proves that the problem in the earlier setup was not caused by ChucK or the MIDI system of my computer, but either by the loopback, VSTs, or the VST host. 

Looking forward to exploring the cheesy options, this one has a big tone bank.



1 Responses to “VA3 sings!”

  1. LZQ

    I kinda enjoy the ambiance around the ends of the track - it makes it a moment out of time rather than just a dry recording. Nice synthy stuff - look forward to hearing more from your VA-3. Everyone needs a synth to call their own.

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