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Circulatory System

For this song I busted out my old groove box, and after playing with it for a while I was able to get some really cool sounds out of it. The drums are the only digital instrument in the song, everything else is either the groove box or the micro korg + some effects. For many parts of this song I chopped up the tracks by hand. For the crazy synth part I used a combination of chopping and the glitch plug in. I also doubled the track and used different settings for the glitch on each track to give it a wierd glitching in and out effect.

5 Responses to “A Journey Through the Circulatory System”

  1. Kelly G

    It gets so fat half way through. Nice.

  2. Kelly G

    Could be your title, but it sounds to me like it could be a dance remix of some 80s PBS edu-mo-cational series Like this.


    this can only be described as porto-mental.

  4. Greg H

    goes down smooth... like freshly oxygenated blood

  5. albert q einstein

    this is a good song man i wish i could make beats this good but im not that experienced

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