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I attempted to make an arrangement of Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie, an ancient piece credited to Thoinot Arbeau who published it in the 16th century.  I was thinking of using it for my game because it has a very distinctively renaissance sound. I haven't decided if I'm actually going to though. For one, I've played an amateur game before at one point that had a midi of a piece from "a Well Tempered Clavier" and thought it was kind-of lame at the time. Secondly, I'm not sure I like how this turned out.


I created the arrangement by ear without referencing the sheet music. It's mostly sample-tank instruments played on keyboard, with a few bass parts. The drums have some manual corrections because I have no rhythm. It sort-of fits the style of the other tracks that I've done. Unfortunatly it's a bit sloppy and not entirely interesting. Maybe I'll keep working on it.

I should also mention that I wasn't going for a traditional or historical sound here, but rather to match the game's quirky style. I was even thinking of adding a "wah" guitar somewhere.


3 Responses to “Pavane: Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie”

  1. Felix

    I dunno about you but I like how this turned out. My imagination took off on this one and I liked to low-key renissance elegance of it. Its understated but that almost adds a mood to it. This is my favorite piece of yours so far. And I agree with you when you said its very unmistakably distinctively renissance. I imagined the millenial fair from Chrono Trigger by the way. lmao.

  2. gojirra

    Interesting post, this is great. It reminds me of the monkey island games.

  3. billjings

    Depending on the kind of game, I don't think you need to be worried about this piece coming across the same as a piece from the well-tempered clavier (which reminds me I need to listen to that some again). For one, it's nowhere near as intricate. All the pieces in the WTC constantly move forward and draw the listener's attention, which I would think isn't exactly what you want in a video game. And second, I don't think this piece is as well known, so, again, it wouldn't draw the ear as much. This sounds like town music in an RPG to me.

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