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Da Mystery Of Cheeseboxin'

April 22nd 2009 by


Da Mystery Of Cheeseboxin'

This is just a quick sketch that I did over a couple of days. I was experimenting with the slice to MIDI function of Ableton 8. It takes a selection of audio, cuts it up based on some parameters you select, and then puts those slices into a MIDI instrument of your choosing. You can use a slice size that is based on the time signature of the piece, for example every quarter note. Or you can choose to slice at the transients that Live automatically finds for you. This is a super useful feature for me, since I used to spend a lot of time slicing samples up by hand.

I had a lot of fun making this song, and I didn't focus too much on forcing it in a particular direction. I tried to have as much fun during the creation as possible, and let it be what it would be.  I created the instrumental, then I decided to put an acapella track to it, so I sifted through my library until I found something suitable. It's usually easier to fit a remixed beat to an acapella, so I got pretty lucky this time.

I decided to call this song Da Mystery Of Cheeseboxin' because I've been watching a lot of The Wire. Method Man plays a character named Cheese. The funny thing is Method Man only appears in the chorus of the original song.

3 Responses to “Da Mystery Of Cheeseboxin'”

  1. gojirra

    Amazing. The last section of the song is unstoppable.

  2. Felix

    The beat is so jumpin. You definately have a great sense for making danceable fun beats.

  3. Tristan

    Haha Pretty dope. Wu-Tang Forever!!!

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