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My brother Corey wanted to record with me this weekend. Neither of us had any real good ideas but I explained the album premise to Corey and we contemplated this for several hours. Finally, Corey wrote this little ditty that we recorded.

There's nothing unusual in the process here. I started by playing the bass line. Then we added vocals. Corey is playing sampletank drums using the keyboard for input. Than I added the guitar.

Short but sweet.

4 Responses to “Walkin down the street with a bomb in my hand”

  1. V

    Another quirky tune set to instrumental backing drawn from the roots of rock. The cartoonish subject matter downplays its more sinister connotations: terrorism in the 21st century. The snappy melody implies the street could be any small town street ... may be even Sesame Street. But Kelly G with with his dry wit once again deceives his audience, using humor to draw them into internal discourse and discussion. Hopefully Kelly G will someday graduate to more sophisticated recording techniques, allowing his mastery of rock songwriting to come into full bloom. -V

  2. billjings

    Really digging the guitar and bass sounds. Kinda T-Rexy on both the rhythm and lead guitar. Kinda T-Rexy all around.

  3. V

    Anything with a chromatic melody tickles my funny bone.

  4. Kelly G

    I hadn't thought of T-Rex but I hear it now that you mention it. Someday I'll probably go all-out for a T-Rex sound on-purpose.

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