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I was listening to Joy Electric at work and it got me interested in that Moog sound. I decided to look and see if there was some moog VST plugin on google. It turns out that there is even a free one called Minimogue.


I did this track in FL using nothing but this one plugin. I came up with some of the parts while messing with the arpeggiator. I never figured out how it worked, so the for parts I liked I simply transcccribed them into FL's piano roll. It's a pretty simple track.


1 Responses to “Checking out the minimogue”

  1. erf

    This is like really old Human League, not to say 80s+ Human League is bad, of course. This should be placed over a video of a scientist working in the lab, then attempting to literally apply those principles to finding love. It would look like something Michel Gondry might do.

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