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June 9th 2009 by


Here's a little something I've been tinkering with for a while for an upcoming laptop battle which likely is not to happen (I hope to be proved wrong).

I wrote most of this at work using a little Korg Nanokey and Live 8. I have tried a few various wrestlers over it but nothing has quite fit yet ("I Fight For A Living" is getting done this year, I hope). So tonight I finally picked a random structure from the session view and laid down one of those broken leads that gets really skunk when you lay on the modulation.

Most of the instruments are Live 8 instruments, except for the lead synth, which is Korg's delicious MS-20 emulation. No words, just some quasi-funk.

2 Responses to “Beeswaxx”

  1. billjings

    The parts where you send the two synths dissonant versus one another are totally sick.

  2. Graham

    I like the electronic textures here. Ditto on the dissonance.

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