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Dinosaur Books

June 15th 2009 by


Here is a track that erf and I did a week ago.  This a little idea I had. We used fake midi drums, fake flute , fake horn, and Rob's doing some backwords singing.

It sounds strange but I really do sometimes feel unnerved by dinosaur pictures. As if I really were a bit too close. Here is an example to get in the mood

8 Responses to “Dinosaur Books”

  1. Graham

    This is a classic beat/skit track, the background is pure chaos.

  2. Mike

    My favorite is stegosaurus.

  3. Greg H

    the triceratopsssss

  4. billjings

    This song has made me look at dinosaur books in a slightly different way. Or maybe to open my eyes to what fascinated me about them in the first place.

  5. Felix

    Just realized youre a dude and not a female. Never really looked into who you were as a person so I just always assumed. Sorry lol. I liked where this goes at 1:30.

  6. erf

    That's funny, because some people assumed I was female in my band Made in China due to the ridiculously high falsetto I sang on most of the songs. Once I overheard, "I wonder if the chick singer from Made in China is hot". DAMN RIGHT I'M HOT, IT'S SUMMER IN THE ATL

  7. erf

    Kelly also forgot to mention the animal sounds he is making in the chaotic outro part, the ones with the crazy delay.

  8. gojirra

    Velociraptor is my favorite.

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