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11 Guitars

June 17th 2009 by

11 Guitars

I was having trouble thinking of something to do. My other music projects were coming along slowly. I felt like playing guitar, so I decided it would be a good challenge to make something using only guitar and effects. I use a bunch of different delays. The ocean sound is a grain delay and I just rubbed the muted strings. The pops are plucking a muted string fairly hard. I time warped some stuff in weird ways, and reversed a solo that I played.

It ends abruptly because I didn't feel like thinking of an ending, and I felt that posting the whole 4:00 was a little too much for this kind of thing. It was a fun experiment. I think I will challenge myself to little games like this more often.

2 Responses to “11 Guitars”

  1. billjings

    i like this

  2. gojirra

    This is fantastic. Hella dream dream.

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