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mouth sounds

June 18th 2009 by


I'm not going to try to explain why, but I decided to record this.

5 Responses to “mouth sounds”

  1. Kelly G

    That actually sounds pretty slick in a way that's difficult to do with mouth noises.

  2. Felix

    Thats heeellla tight

  3. Allen

    Love the harmonies (or whatever you might call them in the context of this song) that come in at about 49 seconds.

  4. erf

    When the harmonies come in this thing takes a leap into a land of delirium. You should fiercely guard the place that this madness came from, for it is a good place to visit.

  5. gojirra

    This is great. I love that it's very casual, not at all over the top and annoying as most beat boxing is to me.

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