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DJ Khaled Remix

July 3rd 2009 by

DJ Khaled - Brown Paper Bag (MW Remix)

I created this acapella following this tutorial: http://www.halo3forum.com/music/164655-how-create-cpu-acapellas-full-tutorial.html

I decided to follow the original song closely, because it is just easier that way.  I should probably make the kicks more prominent, and add some more interesting drum patterns with open hi-hat, but seeing as how it is already two days late I'll take it for what it is. I'll probably use the acapella for a mashup if I get around to it. Enjoy!

1 Responses to “DJ Khaled Remix”

  1. Felix

    Lol @ black market non taxable income! Nice. When the beat drops it's hella hard. It kind of sounds industrial somehow? It's a cool arrangement. I also like the sounds themselves. Interesting remix.

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