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July 14th 2009 by

Here is another one of my old video-game-style midis that I rerecorded with my current resources. I originally composed this about seven or eight years ago. About 5 years ago I tried to record a live instrument version with guitar, but it wasn't coherent at all. The recording here is my recent attempt that I made this weekend.

By nightfall, the hero wins the battle against the demonic horde with the aid of his trusty NPCs, but the battle is grueling and costly and it's beginning to look pretty hopeless for winning the war.  This piece would loop at dawn when the hero's hope is renewed and he begins a quest to find a way or afirm his righteousness  or something silly like that.

To break-down the arrangment:

there is a continous arpegio bell that is a sequenced synth. The Drums are essentially sequenced.

There are two main guitar tracks that overlap, and three other guitar overdubs for highlights. On all othe guitars i put on the thick Tracktion chorus filter for that eighties, fantasy sound.

The lead is played on my piano with the same Mellotron flute samples I've used before in other tracks.


1 Responses to “Morning”

  1. billjings

    I like this a lot, esp the guitar sounds on the lick that comes in at the beginning. And I think it fits with the mood you describe perfectly.

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