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The 1990s was a major decade for both video games, and the music industry. Hip-hop was beginning to take a substantial piece of the market away from rock and roll, and gamers were putting down their quarters and purchasing home video game systems. These two cultural forces meshed in the form of one of Nintendo's early releases for their Nintendo Entertainment System. Rick Ross: The Boss, was based on and co-created by rapper Rick Ross. Released in 1991 this title boasted some of the most advanced graphics and sound for its day. Each level was accompanied by an original, full-length song. Fitting 10 songs, the game logic, and graphics onto a 32 kilobyte cartridge is an amazing technological achievement. Sadly, the compression schemes used for the game were lost when Rick Ross Interactive Media closed its doors in 1996. For your nostalgic pleasure, I have dusted off my old cartridge and ripped a screenshot from level one, along with the theme song.


Level 1 - Miami

5 Responses to “Rick Ross: The Boss (NES 1991)”

  1. V

    Dear Mike, I have to view this entry with some suspicion. Given that: a.) a google search for this video game title yields this post as a first result, and b.) Nintendo Corporation has had a historical reluctance to allow titles that aren't family-oriented onto their systems, I have to conclude that this is a hoax. Well-played though. -V

  2. Felix

    Oh god this is genius, when the verse comes in i DIED laughing....

  3. albert q einstein

    good day to you sir if you do not mind i would like to become a part hella gems and post some songs on here it would be delighted if you let me join

  4. albert q einstein

    my email is scottcaires@gmail.com email there if you will let me join

  5. Graham

    Brilliant concept, nice sound. fantastic. you could expand the concept and do a whole album of these

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