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Bland People

September 12th 2009 by

This is a cover of a song from an Isreali band called The Churchills. As a band, their style was a survey of late 1960's pop, with some mediterranean flavors added into the mix.

The original song is called "Straight People" (straight as in conformist). I decided to make the intended meaning more explicit by changing the lyrics to "Bland People". The original tune was almost certainly done in emulation of The Doors.

Once again, all instruments were done by me. No pitch correction.

4 Responses to “Bland People”

  1. billjings

    I really dig your covers of nuggets type stuff. On this: - great guitar sound - great incidental sounds in the background - i like your vocals here too

  2. Kelly G

    Nice. It does sound a lot like the Doors. The theremin-sounding synth is a nice detail that really adds to the tone. Once again, slick production. You are a one man band.

  3. LZQ

    The yelled vocals came out really well. Good arrangement as usual, though I think that there was too much reverb on the vocals until later in the song where the sound filled out a bit - then it sounded fantistic. Good job.

  4. Graham

    Thanks for introducing us to this song! nice arrangement, the yelling worked out well

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