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Enigma of the Absolute

September 27th 2009 by


This is a song by a band called Dead Can Dance. Their style spans a range of genres, and they have had an enduring influence despite never really being successful in the commercial mainstream (whatever that means).

The original version of this song always struck me as very exquisite and ethereal, though I think I mangled it. No worries, this is just an exercise.

I went for a simple arrangement here. Less is more. No pitch correction. 2 guitars, 1 synth pad, vox, and a piano.

6 Responses to “Enigma of the Absolute”

  1. Alex Rudnick

    I might just be dumb here, but it doesn't look like the song is linked from the post? (look forward to listening, as soon as I figure out how!)

  2. Alex Rudnick

    Ah. It would help if I turned on Flash. For our podcast listeners at home, could you link to the mp3?

  3. deValmont

    Done. Good to hear from you Alex. Hope things are going well.

  4. erf

    This is really, really great. I haven't heard you go in this direction, and it is one you should travel towards more often. Your voice sits in the right spot for this song all the way through, and that's pretty crucial with a sparse arrangement.

  5. billjings

    Fantastic production here, man.

  6. Kelly G


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