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Pulling a pint.

October 2nd 2009 by

Oooo. I got one.  ahem:

This is a track

I started way back...


(dig it)

but my patience diminished

and so I never did-a-dip-done-done finished.

(I ,like, totally got hung up man. It's crazy.)



So I had this idea for a concept piece to do in fruity loops. It would be like Camille saint-saens' Carnival of Animals except about  beer instead of animals. And with cheezy synth loops instead of the symphony. So I started this track along time ago and never finished it. Today I just opened it up in my new FL Studio 8 and added some parts and then put a fat compressor on it.

This is about the pull. When you pour the beer from the tap. Its got all the cheezy gurgly, gloopy sound effects that I could find. It's only a minute long, but sometimes an idea only stretches a minute.


2 Responses to “Pulling a pint.”

  1. Graham

    This is a genius idea for an instrumental / programme music concept. You can combine the more abstract ideas about the beer with concrete sound ideas like the pull. Nice start.

  2. billjings

    I could swear I've heart those bubbly sounds in your groove somewhere else. Anyway, this song is the nuts.

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