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The Bright Path

November 5th 2009 by

Been doing a lot of stuff in FL Studio lately and no real instruments. Mostly because it's just drag and drop. It's a hassle to drag out my various pieces of real musical equipment and set them up. I haven't even touched my guitar in months. that's very sad.

Tonight I pull them out again. I want to start doing more instrumental pieces for that game I'm working on. This one took me about 10 minutes to compose for one minute of recording. I might use this as part of a longer piece or maybe in a part where the music can be short; like a menu or something. As usual, it ends abruptly because it is meant to be looped.


Check out my latest sketchbook post for a little bit of concept art if you are interested int he game.


2 Responses to “The Bright Path”

  1. billjings

    I like this a lot

  2. Graham

    It's not bad! it is bright

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