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James Cameron's Avatar Freestyle

January 20th 2010 by

MW - James Cameron's Avatar Freestyle

Time to get this blog-party started again. I'm going to try and do as much music as I can at all times. Sometimes it will be a whack rap(?) about Avatar. Other times it might be a whack rap about something else. Maybe there won't always be whack rapping. Hopefully someday there will be dope rapping. Maybe even dope rapping about the latest IMAX 3D blockbusters.

2 Responses to “James Cameron's Avatar Freestyle”

  1. Felix

    Thank youu!! A morally, historically, socially, and politically childish amalgam of Pocahontas and Ferngully, AVATAR is NOT that good. Rave reviews? Cmon! I'm glad that you're on the same page, despite the advancement in cgi, it's pretty low brow and for the masses. This song reminds me of something we might have done if we ever recorded a song 8 years ago lol. I think Im the only one that appreciates the hilarity in this. So dry. It was tight freeform association. We should collabo over gmail!

  2. Felix

    Lmao @ un-obtanium! That's what happens when you pull a Lucas and write your own screenplay.

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