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5 minute beat #1

February 9th 2011 by

5 minute jungle hop!

Updated beat

4 Responses to “5 minute beat #1”

  1. Mike

    I'm glad that you've been inspired to start posting again! Also, after having made a few things in 5 minutes now, I am a bit skeptical that this only took 5 minutes to make (from scratch.) Did you use pre-made clips, or are you a robot?

  2. Felix

    Actually that jungle drum thing set it off. I loaded a bunch of toms and that clip is played in realtime on a midi keyboard lol 3rd take. Then added that downward spiral preset from massive and then layered 2 8 bar melodies with vanguard. Then i added a cheap ass 808 and just mixed them around and compiled. You gotta remember this is ableton and all my compressors are pre templates for low drums with the API 2500 on the main.

  3. Felix

    There's only three 8 bar parts mixed in and out of each other.

  4. Felix

    I mean technically I wasnt timing myself when I made it with exactly 5 in mind. ok maybe it wasnt 5, coulda been like 7 or 8 but trust, me, it was very 5 minute-esque in spirit.

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