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Cantspeak (Dropout)

March 15th 2011 by

Yesterday, I dug through a few hard drives looking for some digital photos. I found (most of) the photos, but I ended up finding something more interesting... pretty much every song I've recorded on my computer since 2001. Multitracks and all. My packrat tendencies have paid off, I suppose.

Since this is a gem site, perhaps I shall unearth a few of these with a mind on getting some original stuff up once the smoke of school clears (eight weeks until graduation, yes).

This song is a piano cover of Danzig's "Cantspeak". One project I never completed was an album of only Danzig covers called Dancezig, and in perusing various lyrics for that album I found the lyrics to 'Cantspeak' to be particularly moribund, even for Danzig. It certainly didn't fit the pounding beat of the song (though I certainly enjoy the original). Thus, I drew out every ounce of pathos and took Danzig to Emo Piano town.

In my Freezing of the track, some of the instruments dropped out. When I originally posted this song to my blog in 2007, a fellow Atlanta musician (Tricil) told me he enjoyed the dropouts. Plus, I don't have the original instrument pack installed anyway, so enjoy the random missing sections. It sort of works with the song.


3 Responses to “Cantspeak (Dropout)”

  1. ravelite

    Nice. Hoping to hear more of these undiscovered gems!

  2. Alex Rudnick

    Yesss! Thanks for sharing; this is beautiful. The dropouts happen at dramatic moments, too!

  3. Mike

    Good sounds. I don't mind an occasional visit to the historic district of Emo Piano Town.

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