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March 18th 2011 by

Here's a track I did that I might use in a new game idea. It's a bit rough. I want it to sound a bit hard and crunchy, also scifi and spacey, but also medieval. The Ocarina samples I have are great for the medieval sound. There are also some straight scifi sounding synth parts. This 100% FL Studio.


3 Responses to “Metaleval”

  1. Graham

    I like the bare part around 20s the most. Another nice thing is there is a lot of contrast between sections.

  2. Kelly G

    Yeah. I originally had the load crunchy chords throughout, but they start to drone and the impact diminishes, so I took them out here and there and replaced it with soft pads.

  3. Mike

    Makes me want to solve a puzzle in a castle.

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