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Robot World

July 25th 2011 by

Like a world of robots or something. I thought it would be neat if there was a game like, say, Chrono Trigger, but everybody's a robot. If I ever make a game like that it would sound like this.

Fl studio has a few project templates. There's one called "Rock" that has a nice drumkit included, so I went with that. I also used Tweakbench's Peach for lo-fi sounds. I was lazy and let the built-in compressor/limiter mix the track for me.


3 Responses to “Robot World”

  1. Mike

    I like the bass. All of these robots are busy building their world and keeping it in good repair.

  2. Jings

    This is totally awesome. Love love love love.

  3. James

    Lovely, I feel less scared of a robot invasion now. I think this could be the culturally link..

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