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High Flyer (feat deValmont)

September 4th 2011 by

Today an individual this site knows as deValmont came over and our conversational thread went like this:

I started talking about aircraft which convert into cars that can be driven on standard roads. I was thinking specifically about this one:


We then talked about the tolerances of aircraft, and how a mechanical failure in one is generally catastrophic. We imagined such a car with only one parachute, and the father of a family taking it, with his reasoning being "you can always have more kids".

We then followed this thread to its logical conclusion in song. Morally, it was not our proudest moment, but if you enjoy dark humor, bon appetit.


6 Responses to “High Flyer (feat deValmont)”

  1. Mike

    "It's you this time."

  2. Kelly G

    I'm almost afraid to comment. I like that big, fuzzy guitar sound. This track is epic (and weird).

  3. Billjings

    I'll be honest. I was really enjoying it until the spoken word part. It was at that time that I began to enjoy it even more.

  4. Graham

    The "Jimmy's got to GO!" parts work really well, nicely done.

  5. James

    Lol I suppose sometimes children just got to go!

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