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January 24th 2012 by

Many years back I was writing a bunch of Final Fantasy style midi tracks in Noteworthy Composer. I had this dream of making a cheap knock-off of Final Fantasy 3 (or 6 if you're nerdy) in raw windows/DirectX 5. I lost my code in a hard drive crash, but I still have the midi.


Lately I remembered one of these old pieces that I wrote and thought it would work good in the latest game I'm working on (recycling!), which is that medieval-themed Gradius-style shooter I was talking about a post pr two back.


The piece was originally the typical country fair dance song you have in every cliche RPG at some point. Instead of looking for that old midi files I decided to write a fresh arrangement from memory. There's two guitars playing sort-of a round, a lead on flute, and percussion. I these parts out in Tracktion's midi editor and assigned them realistic instrument patches from Sample Tank SE. Two different Nylon string guitars, Ocarina, subtle bass and wood-block percussion. I call that the "clean" version.


Then I thought it could use some kick. I want my game to have a little bit of that 80s Psygnosis vibe to it also. I imported the track into FL Studio and put on some rock&drums and bass.





I'll post a link to the corresponding video game level if I ever finish it.

2 Responses to “Contratanz”

  1. Graham

    Nice! The arrangement is great. This is more upbeat than I pictured for the current level of your game, though.

  2. Kelly G

    There'll be at least one nice, little, blue-sky village level. Sort-of like the middle panel from Bosch's Haywain triptych.

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