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Another SNES style track. You win the game! I suppose this would be the music that plays after the end with the credits rolling by. Not the most original piece, I guess.

Like the rest of these tracks, it would really sound a lot more like the real SNES if I down-sampled it a lot. That would automatically take care of reducing the range of the frequency response too. For now, though. I'm just showing them off in their full high-res glory.


2 Responses to “SNES-style, ultimate, you-win-the-game cheese. ”

  1. Graham

    This one is really shines. The slow harmonic rhythm really works, and of course I love the FL style arpeggiation and echo.

  2. Kelly G

    If you can believe it, I didn't even use the arpeggiator. Just the piano roll.

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