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2012 Compilation

April 29th 2014 by

At some point two years ago the drive to actually finish and share tracks left me. I think partly this has to do with an overly harsh internal critic, and also the realization that I should be able to do music without constant positive external reinforcement. Then in 2013 I decided to share some of what I had worked on, so I did a bunch of cleaning, and organizing. This was difficult. I deleted sketches that were going nowhere, and I selected the most finished and interesting pieces from 2012 to share. So here it is - the 2012 year in review. Only two years late. I didn't include the working titles for any of these because they feel too raw to have a title.


I think I made this for a project with David. We were creating a mix tape one song at a time and alternating between us.

MW - 2012 - Track 1


The distorted synth is saved somewhere.

MW - 2012 - Track 2



This is a huge collage made entirely from samples. See if you can recognize the source material. (No seriously, I don't remember every thing I sampled.)

MW - 2012 - Track 3



This is another track for the project with David.

MW - 2012 - Track 4



This was originally going to be a remix of Headlines by Drake, but I thought it sounded better without the vocals.

MW - 2012 - Track 5



Some hip-hop, why not?

MW - 2012 - Track 6



Or how about some Jazz? Just noodlin' away.

MW - 2012 - Track 7



I think I just wanted to use an arpeggiator.

MW - 2012 - Track 8



Tracks 9 and 10 are two versions of the same song. I think the main difference is 10 doesn't have guitar.

MW - 2012 - Track 9

MW - 2012 - Track 10



I think I just wanted to play guitar.

MW - 2012 - Track 11



Big bombastic rap instrumental. Imagine Eminem yelling over it.

MW - 2012 - Track 12



Remix of some Phoenix song. I think it's 1901. The backwards vocals thing at the end doesn't help me remember what song was the source. It was pretty cool that they released stems from the old album. Some new stems from their latest album are posted as well.

MW - 2012 - Track 13



Imagine Drake complaining about being rich and famous over this.

MW - 2012 - Track 14




Not much to say about these two.

MW - 2012 - Track 15

MW - 2012 - Track 16



Started as a remix of Shimmy Shimmy Ya, but it was too raw for me that way, so I gave him the mic and let him take it away.

MW - 2012 - Track 17



I think this was called End Credits as a working title.

MW - 2012 - Track 18

1 Responses to “2012 Compilation”

  1. Graham

    Nice collection. I think my favorite was the collage one, and the synth ones.

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