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Inside the house

June 23rd 2014 by

In some of the video games similar to the one I'm working on (Faxanadu, Zelda II, Wanderers from the Ys) there are little towns spread out across the land, always consisting of five or six little houses. The residents always give you helpful advise and encouragement when you barge in uninvited.

There 's always some "inside the house" music that's warm-sounding and soothing. So here's my version of that. Two version's actually:

Inside the Elfin House

Your fellow elfs have such useful hints as "You must save our land." or "Don't try too hard." This track has a generous helping of the fairy sparkles that I'm trying to work in to the soundtrack (sort of a theme really).


Inside the Goblin House

As lauded as Elfin craftsmanship is, the best equipment can only be bought by shady goblin in the corner (the one with the eye patch and the cigar). Where does he get it? Oh, he's not at liberty to reveal his sources.

1 Responses to “Inside the house”

  1. Graham

    The choir in the Elfin House music certainly is a nice touch. Doing two versions of the same theme works well here.

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