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The title is, coincidently, Winter. This is a rerecording for the video game, in the same style as swing. The original was just sequenced, though it sounded pretty good. The new version is down-tempo because I thought it would sound better, and I can't play it very fast.

This uses the same instruments as before: fake mellotron, funky piano, sampled percussion and such.

3 Responses to “Winter2”

  1. gojirra

    the player isnt working, had to dl the song to listen. really great though I love all of your vg soundtrack stuff. are you still working on said game?

  2. ravelite

    Like a dream in the lasteryear forest factory.

  3. Emilly

    This song sounds like it was meant to be on the "Zombi 2" soundtrack. I can't help but think of this scene in the movie where the Spanish conquistador zombies are rising from their graves, about to attack the island they inhibit. It is really quite amazing.

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