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Old Man Mardigan

October 23rd 2012 by

Old Man Mardigan

So, it was back in the summer of 2011 when erf and I decided to fight the decrease in creative output and associated malaise with a series of all-or-nothing recording sessions. We were both getting older, and I wasn't satisfied to let the music be simply discarded as a boyish hobby (which it isn't). Over a 2 month period, typically on Sunday afternoons, we would head down to his basement studio in the historic Homepark district to record a series of demos.

They were demos, and they would remain demos, because they were meant to capture the feeling we had on that particular afternoon, and nothing more. Each song was conceptualized, written, arranged, recorded, and put in the can in no longer than 90 minutes. No second takes, no regrets. erf would work the controls and play the more competent instrumental parts, I would share songwriting and vocals with the good man. By the end of the year, there was enough for an EP.

On that first afternoon we made this ditty.

High Flyer derives from the same sessions.

1 Responses to “Old Man Mardigan”

  1. Kelly G

    Cool! I wondered if you guys were going to put these on here or not.

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